In 1996, ten Christian graduates of the University of Florida dreamed about starting a campus ministry and a campus church that would revolutionize people's perception of Jesus Christ. In 1997, that team of ten graduates launched a student group called Jacksonville Christian Life (www.jclweb.net) on the campus of the University of North Florida (UNF).

Our initial efforts were raw, but God blessed us with some amazing students and volunteers who were willing to invest a portion of their lives to reaching college students.

Ten years later, in 2006, our pastors and leadership team began dreaming again. This time, our dream was about impacting young singles, young families and the young at heart in the broader community of Jacksonville.

Our experience with students and young people at UNF was that young people were feeling displaced in the broader Christian world. Our hope and burden was to be a part of a church community that filled that gap. We felt that the vision, burden, and experience God had given us in campus ministry would translate into a "Next-generational" church that could effectively mobilize young people and empower them to live mature and missional lives.

That ongoing vision...that ongoing burden is why we exist. And we hope reaching this "Next generation" becomes your vision and burden too...